IEC 61331-3 ED. 2.0 B:2014

کتابخانه الکترونیکی دیتا ساینس


شناسه: IEC 61331-3 ED. 2.0 B:2014

عنوان: Protective devices against diagnostic medical X-radiation – Part 3: Protective clothing, eyewear and protective patient shields


قیمت: 4,300 تومان


IEC 61331-3:2014 applies to protective devices such as protective clothing and eyewear for the protection of persons against X radiation up to 150 kV, during radiological examinations and interventional procedures. This standard deals with general requirements on the accompanying documents, on design and on materials used and with sizing, particular design features, minimum attenuation properties of materials, marking and standardized forms of statements of compliance with this standard. It covers protective clothing mainly for the protection of the operator, such as:
– protective aprons;
– thyroid collars;
– protective gloves;
– protective mittens; and
– protective eyewear. It also covers protective devices for the protection of the patient, such as:
– protective gonad aprons;
– scrotum shields;
– ovary shields;

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