ACI 304.2R-17


کتابخانه الکترونیکی دیتا ساینس

شناسه: ACI 304.2R-17

عنوان: Placing Concrete by Pumping Methods


قیمت: 3,300 تومان

This guide discusses the use of pumps for transporting and placing concrete. Rigid and flexible pipelines, couplings and other accessories, and the various types of concrete pumps are discussed. The importance of proportioning a pumpable concrete mixture is emphasized with reference to sources for further direction on its design. Evaluation of trial mixtures to ensure pumpability and strength is encouraged. Of specific importance is a discussion on the use of lightweight aggregates. Methods to saturate these aggregates and provide a consistent moisture content are discussed.

Preconstruction planning for equipment placement and line routing are emphasized. Discussions on achieving a consistent mixture and its critical importance are also addressed.

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