ACI 330.2R-17


کتابخانه الکترونیکی دیتا ساینس

شناسه: ACI 330.2R-17 

عنوان: Guide for the Design and Construction of Concrete Site Paving for Industrial and Trucking Facilities


قیمت: 3,400 تومان 

This guide provides information useful in the design and construction of a successful site-paving project for heavy-duty industrial and trucking facilities. This information assists architects/engineers, contractors, and testing agencies with designing, detailing, constructing, repairing, and inspecting site paving. Engineers use this guide to make recommendations for the pavement support system, concrete mixture, pavement thickness, joint spacing, and load transfer devices. Thickness design tables are including for common over-the-road trucks and industrial lift trucks. Tables are also provided to check the pavement thickness for punching shear and concrete strength for bearing stress applied by loaded trailers that have been disconnected from the tractor. Contractors use this guide to understand proper ways to construct site paving with block or strip placements and avoid common mistakes made during construction. Proper placing, consolidating, and finishing techniques are described to construct a durable pavement that complies with the project documents.

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