HB 305-2008


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شناسه: HB 305-2008 

عنوان: Design handbook for RC structures retrofitted with FRP and metal plates: beams and slabs

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Rehabilitating, strengthening, repairing, upgrading and retrofitting (herein collectively referred to as retrofitting) reinforced concrete beams and slabs by adhesively bonding or  mechanically fastening plates to their surfaces is advancing very rapidly and has reached the stage where the serviceability and ultimate behaviours of plated beams or slabs are  understood (Blashko et al 1998, Concrete Society Technical Report No. 55 2004, fib bulletin  14 2001, Teng et al 2002, ACI 440.2R-02 2002, Oehlers and Seracino 2004, CNR-DT  200/04 2005). This behaviour, which encompasses flexure, transverse shear, bond and  ductility, is described in the following Handbook. It is described in generic terms and can be applied to all forms of plating. This document uses the output from research on steel and fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) plated structures, but it applies to plates of any material encourage current and future developments in this rapidly advancing retrofitting technique.

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