Wastewater Treatment Process Modeling

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شناسه: Ebook-2512021

عنوان: Wastewater Treatment Process Modeling

لینک: https://www.e-wef.org/Default.aspx?TabID=251&productId=28631992

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Wastewater Treatment Process Modeling, Second Edition, provides expert guidance to ensure that process models are developed, used, and documented correctly. This authoritative guide helps process engineers understand general modeling concepts and terminology and offers practical details on how to use process models for the design of small, medium, and large water resource recovery facilities. The manual describes each step of the modeling process, from the fundamental math required and overviews of existing models and when to use them, to modeling protocols and how to interpret data.

• Presents an overview of existing models
• Discusses various modeling tools, including common simulators
• Reviews the math fundamentals required for modeling
• Covers modeling and simulation fundamentals, including mass-balance models and linking unit processes
• Describes numerous models in various process units, including suspended- and attached-growth, anaerobic digestion, and water chemistry

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