Mitral valve disease

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شناسه: Ebook-26122020

عنوان: Mitral valve disease


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Surgical conservation of the mitral valve has come of age and is now practised by an increasing number of cardiac surgeons worldwide. Unlike simple valve replacement however, the techniques involved need to be performed with a great deal of insight into the underlying mechanisms of normal valve function and the pathology of the valve. This book is an attempt to provide the surgeon with the latest information relating to this particular area of surgery.
Written from an international perspective, with contributions by well-respected experts from Britain and the United States, the book considers the anatomy, pathology, physiology, investigations and surgery of the mitral valve.
Mitral Valve Disease has been edited by a cardiac surgeon and a cardiologist, both of international repute. Extensively illustrated with colour plates where appropriate, it is the comprehensive reference work in this field. Carefully balanced between the two disciplines, this book will make essential reading for all cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, both in training and in practice.

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