Divorce and Co-parenting A Support Guide for the Modern Family


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عنوان: Divorce and Co-parenting A Support Guide for the Modern Family

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Some of the statistics are well known, if still jarring: One of two marriages contracted will end in divorce. More than a million children each year experience their parents’ divorce. Other figures are less publicized: Diagnosable psychological problems occur in 30%–40% percent of individuals whose parents divorce — a rate three times higher than that for individuals whose families remain together. Divorce and Co-parenting explores the impact of divorce on adolescents and young adults, drawing on anecdotes from the authors’ own medical and law practices to illustrate how parents’ decision-making can powerfully impact their children’s well-being before, during, and after a divorce — even into adulthood.

This volume, a revised edition of How to Help Your Children Overcome Your Divorce — originally published in the 1990s — is updated to reflect significant changes in family dynamics, technology and social media, and the matrimonial legal landscape over the past 30 years.

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