Synthesis of Diisopropyl Succinate


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A Study on the Catalytic Synthesis of Diisopropyl Succinate by Resin

Preparation of diethyl succinate by catalytic esterification and adsorption dehydration

Synthesis of Diisopropyl Succinate and Its Usage in Organic Pigment

Synthesis of Diisopropyl Succinate Catalyzed by Ionic Liquid

Synthesis of Diisopropyl Succinate Catalyzed by p-Methyl Benzenesulfonic Acid


زبان: چینی

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Diethyl succinate was prepared using succinic acid and ethanol as raw material,cation exchange resin NKC-9 as catalyst and with 3A zeolites as dehydration adsorbent.Effects of reaction conditions,such as mole ratio of ethanol to succinic acid,catalyst dosage and reaction time,were investigated.The optimum reaction conditions were identified,which are n(ethanol)∶n(succinic acid)=2.5∶1;catalyst dosage 6.0%(refer to total mass of succinic acid and ethanol);reaction temperature≤120 ℃;reaction time 3.0 h.Conversion of succinic acid by the process could achieve 98.8%,and activity of catalyst can be kept at 98.5% after 6 times repeated uses.

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