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Impact of Interlayer and Size Effect on the Mechanical Performances of Fully Graded RCC

Analysis on Compression-shear Strength of Roller Compacted Concrete

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According to the compression-shear action of roller compacted concrete(RCC),the fault-included specimens of three and two graded-aggregate noumena were produced and used for uniaxial sheared and biaxial compression-shear experiments,so as to get the shear strength with different lateral compression stress.The experimental results prove that the construction-faults would weaken the shear capacity of RCC.However,the lateral compression stress would remarkably improve the shear strength of RCC,moreover,the greater the compression stress,the higher is the shear strength.Based on the twin shear strength theory,the compression-shear strength curves would be calculated and obtained.All the curves would coincide with test data.It is verified that the twin shear strength theory could truly reflect the law of compression-shear failure strength.

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