Ecological Industrial Park

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Study on ecological industry chain of Aluminum industry and its relationship of interest

The Comparative Study of Two Industrial Symbiosis Patterns in Ecological Industrial Park



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At present,the development of park economy has been entering the period of so-called Eco-industrial parks(EIPs),which are now booming in China.But actually there are not real EIPs in China.After a general introduction to latest development of the EIPs and probing into their real characters,in this article the SWOT analysis method was used to discuss the construction and development of EIP in China,including its economical,environmental chance of China,and social advantages,its latent uneconomical disadvantage,the sustainable development chance of China after entering WTO,and barriers on economy,system,organization in our country.Based on the above discussion,several strategies and suggestions were put forward.On the basis of learning the latest experiences and lessons about EIPs from other countries and regions.the planning and construction of ecological industrial park should adopt PDCA circulation mode,accord to the implementation principle of inter-dynamic circulation and developed in harmony,the comprehensive function of government,market,enterprise,public organization and individual in the development of EIPs should be worked out in full.

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