Anaerobic Digestion Modelling


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شناسه: Article-08519

عنوان: Anaerobic Digestion Modelling

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Anaerobic digestion is a well-established technology for stabilization and conversion of various organic wastes into bioenergy. Typical sources of organic wastes suitable for anaerobic digestion are mainly from municipal, agricultural and industrial producers. Because anaerobic digestion is such a complex process, mathematical modelling could assist in providing better understanding, design, optimization and prediction of the performance of anaerobic digesters. State-of-the-art models have been developed to simulate the methane yield improvement, reactor stability enhancement, operational issue identification and waste codigestion in anaerobic digestion systems. In this chapter, a summary of existing anaerobic digestion models is presented. These models were derived for describing substrates characteristics, rate-limiting conditions, process inhibition, operating conditions, methane potential and production rate, liquid–gas interface mass transfer, as well as the application of computational fluid dynamics.

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