Photocatalytic self-cleaning glass

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شناسه: Articles-05319


Preparation of Titanium Dioxide Photocatalytic Ceramic with Self-cleaning Function and Non-rainbow Effect


Preparation and Characterization of Antibacterial and Self-cleaning Powder of Ag+ and Cu2+ Synergized Doped-TiO2

زبان: چینی

قیمت: 6,400 تومان


A kind of ceramic with a transparent and flat thin film composed by 40~100 nm size TiO 2 particles was prepared by sol-gel and dipping methods using Ti(OC 4H 9) 4 as precursor. The film was assembled over the ceramic glaze layer, of which the composition was self developed. The ceramic possesses superhydrophilic, self-cleaning and decontaminating functions. Using methyl orange as organic contaminant, optimum conditions were drawn out for the preparation of the ceramic by investigating the affections of the quantity of Ti(OC 4H 9) 4 , calcining temperature and time and the layers of the films.

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