Effect of polymerization temperature on BCE catalyst

کتابخانه الکترونیکی دیتا ساینس

شناسه: Article-021917

عنوان: Effect of polymerization temperature on BCE catalyst

زبان: چینی

قیمت: 3,100 تومان


BCE catalyst was prepared with MgCl2 and TiCl4 as main materials. The influence of polymerization temperature on the polymerization dynamics and polymerization performance of BCE catalyst was investigated by ethylene slurry polymerization. The results show that with the temperature rising, the initial reaction of ethylene polymerization is stronger. But the catalytic attenuation rate was accelerated along with the polymerization time prolonged. The polymerization activity and melt flow rate of the polymer were increased with the rising of polymerization temperature. The polymerization activity of BCE catalyst reach 32 kg/g at 95℃. The ethylene and hexene copolymer became easily at higher polymerization temperature. In the meantime, the particle size distribution of the polymer became wider, and the content of powder that particle size was more than 830 μm and less than 75 μm increased. © 2017, SINOPEC Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry. All right reserved.

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