The Fundamentals of Business Intelligence


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شناسه: Article-02219

عنوان: The Fundamentals of Business Intelligence

قیمت: رایگان

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This article analyzes the recent literature in the search for the fundamentals of business intelligence (BI). The literature review covers the overview of BI; BI and technology acceptance model (TAM); BI, Big Data, and social media; the elements of BI; the characteristics of BI; enterprise information system (EIS) and cloud computing; the importance of BI; and the implementation of BI. BI involves creating any type of data visualization that provides insight into a business for the purpose of making a decision or taking an action.BI can assist organizations by facilitating better decisions in all facets of operations. The ideal BI system gives the organizations easy access to the information and the ability to analyze and share this information with other business enterprises. The findings present valuable insights and further understanding of the way in which BI perspectives should be emphasized.

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