Step by Step Guide to Starting a Small Business


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عنوان: Step by Step Guide to Starting a Small Business


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Have you ever wanted to start a small business?Have you’ve ever thought it was tough to do so?Unsure of how to get it started?I completely understand your confusion and fears. There’s so much information out there on the internet and so many self help gurus out there, that it either takes time to put all the information to gather or you have to pay top dollar to have a guru explain it to you.My name is Susan Kilmer and I am the author of this Starting a Business guide. Over the course of my business and entrepreneurship background, I have taught hundreds among hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs how to start a business and business owners how they keep their business going and the one thing they have all said at one time or another is “I wish there was some manual or guide that will walk me through the steps of what I need to know to start and operate my business.”I listened and I did it. I created this concise yet clear guide on how YOU can start a business.It’s not just any guide, it takes you through several things including:- How to assess yourself. Are you truly prepared?- How to develop a strong business idea- How to research if your business idea could fit- Understanding a business plan (free access to a business plan template inside)- Business Loands and funding options: what do banks want?- How do I start and what permits and licenses do I need?- Do I need to incorporate?And much more!

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