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شناسه: Article-4618


Cloud Manufacturing Task Decomposition Method Based on HTN

Manufacturing task decomposition optimization in cloud manufacturing service platform


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To solve the disjoint problem between manufacturing task decomposition and resource allocation process in Cloud Manufacturing(CMfg)service platform,a clustering algorithm-based task decomposition optimization method was proposed.The initial task decomposition strategy of manufacturing task was given in this method,and the manufacturing task was decomposed into subtasks on this basis.By fully considering the inter-correlation of tasks,taskresource matches and resources competitiveness,a task granularity design principle was proposed.The decomposed subtasks was restructured with clustering algorithm,thus the optimization of task decomposition was realized.An example was given to illustrate the effectiveness and feasibility of proposed method.The optimization of task decomposition was accomplished from perspective of enhancing the adaptability of this method and promoting the compatibility between task decomposition result and resources,and the complexity of matching problem between tasks and resources was reduced,which could provide better solution to the disjoint problems between manufacturing tasks decomposition and resource allocation.

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