Ultra High Temperature Ceramic Coating


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Microstructure and Thermal-shock Performance of ZrB2-based Ultra High Temperature Ceramics

Preparation and Properties of ZrB2-SiC Based Ceramic Coating on C/C Composites

Researching of ZrB2-SiC Ultra High Temperature Ceramic Coating for C/C Composites

Effects of Plasma Spraying Technology Parameter on Microstructure and Bonding Strength of ZrB2-SiC-ZrC Coating

Fabrication and Properties of High Temperature Oxidation Resistance Coating for C/C Composites

Preparation And Properties of Ablation And Oxidation Resistant Multilayer Coatings on Graphite

The Microstructure Controlling and Anti-ablation Characterization of ZrB2/SiC Coating Deposited by APS

Study on SiC Nanowire-toughened Silicon-based and Hafnium-based High-temperature Oxidation and Ablation Protective Coatings

Microstructure And Component Characterization Research of ZrB2-SiC Gradient Coatings

High Temperature Oxidation Resistance Performances of ZrB2-SiC Coatings on Carbon/Carbon Composites by Plasma Spraying Deposition

Oxidative Ablation Resistance Behavior of Zr-based、Hf-based Ultra-high Temperature Ceramics

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In recent years, hypersonic aircraft has attracted more and more attention and developed for military power all over the world due to its great military and economic value. It’s components in hot end put forward higher requirements for the materials, in order to adapt to this kind of environment, so ultra- high temperature ceramics materials become the focus of research development. The carbide and boride of Zr, the carbide and boride of Hf are the preferred materials for ultra high temperature conditions, because of the excellent high temperature performance. So the oxidation and ablation resistance properties in high temperature condition become the key indicator for these materials. In this paper, the samples of ZrC-SiC 、ZrB2-SiC、HfC-SiC、HfB2-SiC were ablated by the supersonic speed gas flow. The result is get the content of SiC and ablation temperature on the impact of rhe oxidation and ablation resistance performance and the ablative layer structure.As can be seen, ZrC-SiC、Zr B2-SiC、HfC-SiC、HfB2-SiC have good oxidation and ablation resistance.


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