Composites for Anti-ablation


کتابخانه الکترونیکی دیتا ساینس

شناسه: Thesis-12318


Preparation and Anti-ablation Properties of SiC and ZrC Coatings Through Chemical Vapor Deposition

Investigation of C/C-SiC-ZrB2 Composites for Anti-ablation


قیمت: 4,800 تومان


Carbon/carbon (C/C) composites were optional materials of thermal protectionsystem in aerospace vehicle application, because of their excellent high thermalproperties. However, poor oxidation and ablation reisistance of C/C compositesabove370℃during oxygen-containing atmosphere had severely restricted their useas protection materials in aerospace application. Protective coating was proved as anefficient way to resolve this problem. SiC, ZrC were ideal material as ablationresistance coating for C/C composites, with high melting point and excellentchemical stability. The microstructure and ablation property of coating were detected byX-ray diffraction, scanning election micropore, transmission electron micropore andoxyacetylene ablation test, and other methods. The main contents and results of thispaper are listed as follows:The SiC coatings were prepared on C/C composites and carbon fibers byLPCVD at different temperatures and H2/MTS malor ratio. With the increase of temperature, the growth rate ofSiC particle was increased, the difference in particle size was obvious and the coatingsurface was more roughness. With the increase of H2/MTS ratio, the nucleation effectof SiC particle was enhanced .


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