Infrared and Laser Engineering


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Analysis of influence factors for reflected wave power of “cat-eye” target

Sniper detector based on cat eye effect

Target detection based on laser imaging with “cat eye effect”


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زبان: چینی


An active laser-illuminating sniper detector based on cat eye effect is developed.According to actual circumstances,some tests were conducted to verify the detection performance of the detector.Testing results show that night-vision sight and telescope sights with objective aperture diameters of 32 mm,40 mm,42 mm and 50 mm can be effectively detected by the detector in the range of 20 m to 200 m,which is typical for snipers.The detector is not interfered by mirror,concave mirror of flashlight or similar reflectors.However,a telescope sight with honeycomb panel can not be reliably identified when the detection distance is over approximate 80 m,and thermal weapon sight can not be detected either.


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