atrium smoke management in commercial buildings


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Smoke is the major killer in the event of building fire. It reduces visibility and can cause fatalities by asphyxiation. This research presents a numerical study on smoke movement and smoke control for atrium. This research investigates the effect of exhaustinsmoke by multi point extraction through rooftop exhaust fans on smoke layer height and tenability conditions at human level. The effect of make-up air velocity and configuration of natural make up air inlets through doors and operable windows on smoke movement inside the atrium and the effect on human inside the atrium will be investigated. Also this research investigates the effect of exhaust fans layout on plug-holing phenomenon. Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) software version 6.1.2 is utilized to carry out full-scale three dimensional numerical simulation for four study cases in an atrium with triangular shape with area 400 m2 and 25m height using t-squared fire with maximum heat release rate of 5 MW for 600 seconds.


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