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Brittle fracture cause analysis of X82B wire rod on pay-off swift

Discussion on problem of cone-shaped fracture in low relaxation prestressed steel strand production

Influence of periodic die changing in drying drawing process on die consumption and wire broken rate

Fracture mode and cause analysis of 82B wire rod

Investigation of 82B Wire Rod Quality


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To analyze the effect of such factors as segregation in continuous casting billet, non-metallic inclusions, oxygen and nitrogen contents in steel, rolling process and cooling process after rolling on quality of 82B wire rod. The investigation indicates that the serious carbon segregation in the center of wire rod is easy to make wire rod break in drawing and bring on cup-cone shape fracture, local carbureting on the surface of continuous casting billet make wire rod break in drawing and bring on pen tip shape fracture, non-metallic inclusions in wire rod cause steel wire rupture in wire drawing and stranding for stress. The suggestions of improving quality of 82B wire rod are put forward.

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