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شناسه: Article-412117.1


Calibration and Correction of Miniature Earth Pressure Cell

Calibration of Earth Pressure Cell

Error Analyses of Application of Earth Pressure Cell in Geotechnical Engineering





زبان: چینی

قیمت: 5,700 تومان 

Operating characters in different materials of micro earth pressure cell(MEPC) were studied because of key relation between working medium and coefficient of load.Coefficient of load,K was studied in granular medium,powder medium and physical simulation loaded by weights in lab.Difference of K between experiment and given value and its reason were analyzed.The K in sand was lower than those determined from fluid calibrations by about 20 %.So the K in granular medium should be modified.The K in powder medium and physical simulation are approximately similar to the given value,so the K in these medium could be adopted.

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