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Overview of the Tillandsia

Briefly Analyzed Characteristic and Research Progress of Tillandsia

Key Technologies in vitro Plant Regeneration of Tissue Culture of Cryptanthus bromelioides

Propagation Methods of Tillandsia


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The research aimed to establish rapid propagation system of Cryptanthus bromelioides’Tricolor’.[Method] The leaves of Cryptanthus bromelioides’Tricolor’ were carried on callus induction,bud differentiation,bud subculture proliferation and rooting culture with the MS culture medium added hormones.[Result] The results showed that MS medium supplemented with 2,4-D 0.5 mg/L,BA 3.0 mg/L,KT 2.0 mg/L was best for callus induction in which the induction rate and differentiation rate of callus were 82.4% and 40.2% respectively.MS medium supplemented with 2,4D 0.2 mg/L,NAA 0.05 mg/L,BA 3.0 mg/L,KT 2.0 mg/L was best for clump shoots induction in which proliferation times was 9.72.1/2 MS medium supplemented with NAA 3.0 mg/L was best for root induction in which the mean number of roots was 12.12.[Conclusion] Tissue culture could effectively remove the virus and increase propagation cofficient.

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