Thermal Turbines


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Modeling Turbofan Engine Startup Based on Component Matching Principles

Start-up of a Gas-turbine and Low Speed Characteristics of the Compressor

Development of Component-Level Startup Model for a Turbofan Engine

Simulation and Analysis for Startup Controller of a Turbofan Engine

Dynamic Simulation Research of Full Startup Procedure of GE 9FA Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines Using SIMULINK


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Based on the above-idle component-level model,a two-spool turbofan engine startup model was developed using extrapolated component characteristics.The model can simulate the whole startup process on ground from near static conditions to idle.The influence of the fuel-air ratio on combustion efficiency was taking into account.Heat transfer model was also established to estimate the influence of heat transfer on combustor,high pressure turbine and low pressure turbine.The total pressure loss coefficients of different components varied with the high rotor speed.The method of volume dynamics was used in order to avoid the iterative calculations.Results show that the accuracy of the real-time model is good,and the dynamic simulation error is less than 5%.The model meets the requirements of semi-physical simulation.

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