Magnetic Bentonite Clean Water Reagent


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Magnetic P Zeolites: Synthesis, Characterization and the Behavior in Potassium Extraction from Seawater

Preparation and Application of Magnetic Bentonite Clean Water Reagent


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In view of the difficult separation of powder bentonite from solution in water treatment,the development of new type magnetic bentonite adsorbent was studied.A series of magnetic bentonite products with different magnetic susceptibilities were prepared through purifying bentonite,loading iron oxide in mixture solution of Fe2+ and Fe3+ by ammonia adjusting,and drying in vacuum.The X-ray diffraction(XRD),scanning electron microscopy(SEM),and magnetic susceptibility characterizing of the products show that Fe3O4 is loaded on bentonite surface and its magnetic susceptibility increases with the iron content increasing.The adsorption of chloroactic acid and lead ion in water on the magnetic bentonite was studied.The results show that the adsorption capability of magnetic bentonite is equal with powder original bentonite,and compared with active carbon,the adsorption capability of magnetic bentonite for lead ion is very high.The synthesized magnetic bentonite can be easily separated from solution with magnetic technology,and has simple preparation technology and moderate reaction conditions.

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