Hyperbolic Groupoids and Duality



کتابخانه الکترونیکی دیتا ساینس

شناسه: Ebook-24117.1

عنوان: Hyperbolic Groupoids and Duality

لینک: http://bookstore.ams.org/memo-237-1122

قیمت: رایگان

لینک دانلود مستقیم:

The author introduces a notion of hyperbolic groupoids, generalizing the notion of a Gromov hyperbolic group. Examples of hyperbolic groupoids include actions of Gromov hyperbolic groups on their boundaries, pseudogroups generated by expanding self-coverings, natural pseudogroups acting on leaves of stable (or unstable) foliation of an Anosov diffeomorphism, etc. – See more at: http://bookstore.ams.org/memo-237-1122#sthash.3iwifoM6.dpuf

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