The Relationship of Structure to Mechanical Properties in Udimet 500



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عنوان: The Relationship of Structure to Mechanical Properties in Udimet 500


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THE mechanical properties of an alloy under given test conditions are in the main determined by the grain size and the phases present, their distribution and temperature-time dependence. Alloys intended for use at elevated temperatures, especially multiphase alloys depending upon precipitation reactions for strengthening, are particularly susceptible to changes in the phases present. Unfortunately, for modern superalloys, very little published information exists which relates the mechanical properties to the basic structural variables. The present work is an effort to do this for an alloy widely used in aircraft gas turbines and related applications, Udimet 500.* The mechanical properties inves- two heats is within the normal specifications for the alloy. However, the elements which most strongly influence the phase reactions, C, Ti, Al, and Mo, are comparable in the two heats. There was no intentional addition of boron, but normal pickup is about 0.002 pct. The vacuum-melted material was received in the form of centerless ground wrought bar stock % in. diam. PHASE STUDIES A) Methods—Two methods were used to determine the phases present: X-ray diffraction measurements on electrolytically digested residues, and microscopic examination. No single commonly used electrolyte will reveal all the phases that may be present; therefore, two complementary acids were selected: HCl and H3PO4. The necessity for this will be shown below in the results. The acid concentrations used were 10 pct HC1 in alcohol and 10 pct H3 PO4 in water. The current density was maintained below 0.1 amp per sq in. Residues were rinsed and separated by centrifuga-tion. X-ray diffraction patterns were obtained in a 114 mm Debye-Scherrer type camera using cobalt radiation. A temperature of 2250°F was selected to obtain as complete solutioning of phases as possible without encountering incipient melting. Specimens were

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