ANSI Z83.11-2016/CSA 1.8-2016



کتابخانه الکترونیکی دیتا ساینس

شناسه: ANSI Z83.11-2016/CSA 1.8-2016

عنوان: Gas food service equipment


قیمت: ۶۲۰۰ تومان (۱۰ درصد تخفیف اعضاء ویژه)


This Standard applies to newly produced gas food service equipment providing coverage for ranges and unit broilers, baking and roasting ovens, counter appliances, deep fat fryers, kettles, steam cookers, steam generators, tableside cooking appliances (see Clause 3, Definitions), hereinafter referred to either (1) “appliances” constructed entirely of new, unused parts and materials for use in food service centers of commercial, industrial, institutional and public assembly buildings, or (2) “outdoor appliances” constructed entirely of new,.

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