Thermodynamics Analysis of Hydrogen Production



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 Thermodynamics Analysis of Hydrogen Production by Catalytic Decomposition and Steam Reforming of Methanol

Study on the Global Reaction Kinetics of Hydrogen Production by Methanol Steam Reforming


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Using different equations of state to calculate the compressibility factor of pure component in the reaction system of hydrogen production by catalytic decomposition and steam reforming of methanol, it can be obtained by comparing the literature data and calculated data that the equation of state of PR was suitable to calculate the compressibility factor of this reaction system. Using the equation of state of PR, the equilibrium constants and compositions were calculated at atmosphere and under pressure in this reaction system. The effect of reaction temperature, pressure and the mass ratio of methanol to water on the equilibrium composition were also studied. It shows that raising temperature, reducing pressure and increasing the ratio of methanol in the input material can increase the equilibrium constants of the reaction system, among which the effect of temperature is marked.

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