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Development of Type HSD-T-1 Antichlor with High Chlorine Capacity

Worldwide Status or the Developments and Application of Dechlorination Agents

Selection of dechlorination agents and their commercial application

Distribution of Chlorines in Crude Oil and Its Distillates


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The inorganic chlorine was removed from crude oil by thermochemical deaquation process.The chlorine contents in Liaohe crude oil and its distillates were determined using microcoulometric titration,and the chlorine distribution combined with the yield were calculated.The analysis results demonstrate that the chlorine contents varied with the difference of types and origin of crude oil.Chlorine content of crude oil in east distillation unit is high up to 12.94 μg/g,and that of coking unit is only 3.9 μg/g.Most of the chlorines in crude oil of east and south distillation unit are inorganic chlorines,and the proportion is 62.13% and 60.08%,respectively.The contents of organic chlorines in west distillation unit is higher,and the proportion is 72.14%.Chlorines distribute in all crude oil fractions,and they mainly exist in the heavy fractions.The distribution result demonstrates that the chlorides in crudJIe oil exist with complex mixtures.

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