Gas turbine applications-Requirements for power generation



کتابخانه الکترونیکی دیتا ساینس

شناسه: ISO 19859:2016

عنوان: Gas turbine applications — Requirements for power generation


قیمت: ۵۱۰۰ تومان (۱۰ درصد تخفیف اعضاء ویژه)

ISO 19859:2016 defines the requirements for gas turbine power generation from an international perspective based on the content of existing, recognized ISO and IEC standards to the greatest extent practical. Nonetheless, it is recognized that within the industry other codes or standards are used … . The use of other such codes and standards is permissible provided an appropriate and acceptable level of requirements, functional design and safety is achieved and agreement has been reached for their use between the Purchaser and Contractor and such use is suitably documented.

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