Clinical Pharmacokinetics Handbook

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عنوان : Clinical Pharmacokinetics Handbook

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“Clinical Pharmacokinetics Handbook” by Larry A. Bauer, Pharm.D., F.C.C.P., F.C.P. This is an ideal on-the-spot reference for clinicians who design initial pharmacokinetic drug regimens, and especially valuable for those who modify dosages based on serum concentrations and other monitoring parameters.Perfect for bedside use, this indispensable, easy-to-carry Handbook provides: ready access to a variety of user-friendly calculation methods, appropriate to differing circumstances and needs; algorithms that simplify selection of the right calculation procedure; up-to-date coverage of the latest techniques and equations for pharmacokinetically monitored drugs; patient-specific regimen and monitoring criteria for each referenced drug; essential information on drug dosing in special populations, including patients with renal and hepatic disease, obesity, and heart failure; drug-by-drug coverage; an abundance of tables, charts, and nomograms that make actual calculations often unnecessary; numerous case scenarios that aid the clinician in understanding how calculations are selected, applied, and worked; and, a concise review of basic clinical pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles. Reviews of Larry A. Bauer’s “Applied Clinical Pharmacokinetics” ‘Written by an in-the-trenches clinical pharmacist …focuses on the practical application of pharmacokinetics in patient care’ – Bethesda, Maryland pharmacist, online. ‘Many pharmacokinetic residents and fellows live by this book, and it came highly recommended to me by experienced clinicians’ – Online pharmacist review. ‘An excellent resource of pharmacokinetic information for students and clinicians …presented in a more student-friendly manner with extensive explanations and example problems’ – Doody Review Services.

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