The Journey

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شناسه : Ebook-3816.3

عنوان : The Journey

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قیمت: رایگان



The Journey is a story of young people in a world so different and yet so like our own. It is a world in which young people must undertake a journey of discovery on their way to becoming adults. Fourteen-year-old Argus sets out on his journey away from his valley and his parents, never knowing what adventure will befall him next. He learns how to survive in the wild until he meets with a travelling fair, which he joins, becoming a friend of Mayon the storyteller, of Lavolta and Parara – twins who share the same body – and many others.

این کتاب، داستان پسری جوان در دنیایی است که برای بزرگ شدن باید کشفیاتی انجام دهد. او در سن ۱۴ سالگی شروع به سفر کرد و هرگز نمی دانست با چه ماجراهایی برخورد خواهد داشت.

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