Study on the Synthesis and Property of Succinate Electron Donor

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شناسه : Thesis-29716

عنوان : Study on the Synthesis and Property of Succinate Electron Donor

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زبان : چینی

قیمت: ۳۸۰۰ تومان (۱۰ درصد تخفیف اعضاء ویژه)


The isotactic polypropylene excellent performance it has been widely used in many fields , research and development of polypropylene catalyst for the development of more extensive application prospects polypropylene and high-performance polyolefin material plays a central role . Has played a pivotal role in in polypropylene catalyst in the development process , the electron donor . In recent years, the succinic acid ester compound as internal electron donor catalytic system is developed a new system of the Ziegler-Natta catalyst used to catalyze the propylene polymerization the polymerization product obtained isotactic high molecular weight distribution is wide , there are conducive to product post-processing . However , electron donor preparation of studies reported in the literature for the kind of small , especially in the domestic and no study reported . This thesis uses a simple method of preparation of the succinic acid esters of a novel electron donor – 2,3 – diisopropyl succinate , diethyl , examines the ratio of raw materials , reaction time , reaction temperature , factors such as the amount of solvent on the reaction , the reaction conditions for preparation of the succinate : anhydrous copper chloride with zinc molar ratio: 1:1 ; zinc powder and 2 – bromo ethyl isoamyl molar ratio: 2:1; coupling reaction temperature : 64 to 68 ° C ; reaction time: 2 hours . Using 2,3 – diisopropyl diethyl succinate as internal electron donor , synthetic polypropylene catalyst load . Synthesized in Catalyst dichloride Polymerization reaction behavior, succinic acid esters investigated the influence of the electron donor , the catalyst activity and polypropylene isotacticity . Experimental results show that with the commonly used internal electron donor phthalate , diisobutyl compared application succinic acid esters are synthesized by the internal electron donor can greatly increase the catalyst activity and polymer isotacticity , and even not added during the polymerization of propylene under the conditions of the external electron donor , can be obtained having a high isotacticity of the polypropylene , and isotactic index up to 96% .



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