extended finite element method

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Seismic cracking and reinforcement analysis of concrete gravity dam based on XFEM

Seismic potential failure mode analysis of concrete gravity dam based on extended finite element method

Simulation of meso-fracture process of concrete using the extended finite element method

 Review of extended finite element method and its application in reinforced concrete structures

Seismic failure mode and safety evaluation for concrete gravity dams based on XFEM

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The basic theory and application value of extended finite element method( XFEM) are introduced briefly. The level set method for describing crack,the enrichment strategy of discontinuous displacement field,and the integration scheme of XFEM are presented with an example of crack problem( strong discontinuity) of reinforced concrete( RC),and recent achievements in these fields are exposed. Thereby,a summary of the situation of applications of XFEM in fracture machanics is given. On the basis of the foregoing,the research and application development of XFEM for the analysis of reinforced concrete structure crack are presented from two aspects: concrete cracking,and bond-slip between reinforcement and concrete. It is pointed out that element models,crack treatment,steel stress at crack section and other issues have to be further investigated in order to meet the requirements of characteristics of practical projects( e. g.,hydraulic reinforced concrete structures),such as large scale,complex reinforcement,and multi-axial force state

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